Ultimate Guide to Outsource Your SAP Hybris Projects – Learn How to Choose the Right Vendor for Your Business

What is SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud? SAP Commerce Cloud (originally SAP Hybris) is the platform that gives many businesses around the globe (such as Samsung, Vodafone, Lebara, Nike, and others) advanced solutions for their customer relationship. The reasons why global corporations choose this platform over others are numerous.

Let’s cut to the chase and have a look at the top SAP Hybris benefits for your business. So that you can know how to cross the bridge before you come to it. Knowing the advantages SAP Commerce Cloud gives to enterprises around the world can help you make up your mind whether this is exactly what can give you a helping hand with cloud solutions for the end-to-end consumer journey. Here we go!

So, why Hybris?

  • In a nutshell, SAP Commerce Cloud is a multi-everything platform which means that it provides multi-language, multi-channel, and multi-vendor opportunities.
  • You can reduce time to the market because you don’t have to build an e-commerce solution from the ground up. You build existing components into a ready platform.
  • No matter how big the data your website processes, it can be stored safely within the platform. Hybris (originally) has been created to work with high customer traffic and a great number of B2B orders. And what is more, to handle B2C company processes which are often quite elaborate.
  • Another benefit is that it is very flexible, hence you can tailor it to satisfy the demands of your business.
  • Last but not least, SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud has Business to Customer accelerators. They include multi-language and multi-channel functionalities combined with direct engagement with customers and clients and Business to Business accelerators that you can use to cover long-term payments.

Having a look at Hybris benefits, it’s quite understandable why Hybris developers (SAP Hybris is the original name of the platform) are in high demand these days. It can be quite challenging to find experienced developers with an adequate rate when you are limited by your geographical position. That is the reason why more and more enterprises are looking to outsource their SAP Commerce Cloud projects.

What advantages do they get when hiring SAP Hybris outsourcing developers?

First things first, you can get an adequate price that is lower than the rate of a similar developer in the USA or any West European country. It’s important to notice that you get the same quality of work and expertise. But a greater talent pool is open in front of you as you are not limited by your own country.

Secondly, you get a partner who is familiar with your industry and other spheres. This means they have been exposed to many challenges and projects. Thus, they make sure you avoid all the hitches they experienced in the past. Another advantage is that working with an outsourcing team gives you focus on your core business while they are developing software for you. And it’s easier to scale your team up and down depending on whether you need to go to new markets or cut down expenses. Although of course, it’s important to carefully approach the process of choosing a technical partner for the implementation of outsourcing (more on this below).

If after considering all the strong sides of SAP Hybris development with an outsourcing team, you concluded that this is something your business stands in need of, it’s time we gave an overview of the steps to keep in mind when looking for Hybriimplementation partners.

What skills to look for when hiring the SAP Hybris implementation team and how to properly evaluate them?

  • A wide range of industries and great expertise. The implementation partner your business needs has to be savvy in a wide range of industries and countries.  How to evaluate this skill? Ask them to provide you with the cases in your industry and tell about successful projects that helped global retail corporations gain profits and cut expenses. This will allow you to understand whether this partner is competent enough to work on your projects.
  • Hard skills. It’s important for your team to have expertise in front-end: HTML, CSS, JS, expertise in Java for more than 1 year. Java has proper standards and JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run and operate the system. That’s why it is the best for enterprise software. Developers must be thoroughly involved in the application server Java Enterprise Edition, as SAP Hybris is an enterprise e-commerce platform. No need to mention that developers should have experience in Hybris development. Thus they’ll be able to get to work quickly and be independent in solving software challenges. A developer should know the ins and outs of Hybris. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use all its potential and may spend time running around in circles. So, carrying out technical interviews before the start of cooperation is an indispensable part of the work on the project.
  • A one-team-fits-all collaboration. The chances are high that you’ll need support in more than one area. If you are lucky enough to find a partner with experience in developing, consulting, and running – you are working with a real catch. You’ll save time and money by investing in just one team with expertise in a great range of areas.

What about soft skills?

It’s all about people. Developing goes beyond delivering code in time and gaining significant benefits for your business. Strong communicative skills, problem-solving skills, good analytical presentation skills, and a learning attitude are all essential constituents of a great developer. Your implementation partner and you will be in constant collaboration. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to choose developers with the same mentality and a good command of English. Carry out some interviews before hiring developers to check their command of the language and their understanding of the specific requirements your projects have.

What is the cost of SAP Hybris implementation?

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud can really cost you an arm and leg when cooperating with a team with unreasonable prices.  But at the same time do not forget that pay cheap, pay twice. So, try to find the team with the perfect price-quality ratio. It’s smarter to choose professionals with a higher rate but with great expertise. They are able to perform the tasks faster and more accurate than their cheaper colleagues with their substandard quality of work.

Wrapping up

To make a long story short, it isn’t a breeze to find experienced SAP Hybris developers. Especially when you need to scale up your project in a very short period of time. Outsourcing SAP Hybris projects eliminates this problem and gives access to a great experienced talent pool with lower rates.

We’ve provided you with an overview of the top benefits of the platform. Besides, you’re now aware of the main steps to hire an outsourcing team for your project. The ball is in your court now! With wisely considering what skills to look for when hiring an outsourcing development team, you can find a gold mine and gain significant benefits for your business.

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