Our history of working with SAP (Hybris) Commerce

SAP (Hybris) Commerce is now among the top digital commerce platforms in the world. The list of companies using it is impressive and includes a great number of global large-scale enterprises.

Besides the most basic revenue goal, the other reasons those companies started using SAP Hybris included their longing to expand their business into new markets and solve e-commerce problems. They were also searching for a flexible business model tailored to their needs that supports B2B and B2C demands for scalability and high order volumes.

Besides all these benefits the SAP Commerce platform is ready to offer its users, our clients put great emphasis on the great expertise of the IT provider and the absence of any cultural and language obstacles.

For over 8 years of our work on SAP (Hybris) Commerce and solving problems of our clients, we’ve got an idea of the problems our clients are trying to get rid of by the switch to the new platform. Being aware of the issues that are important to our clients, we are working towards eliminating hardships on our way. For you to learn more about our expertise, first things first, we should mention a few facts about our history with SAP Hybris.

Expert Soft started working with SAP Hybris Commerce in 2015. Soon after that, the platform became the company’s main focus in the sphere of large e-commerce software development. Before SAP Hybris, Expert Soft worked with Oracle Commerce, and suffice it to say, we had a well-developed back-end department in our company, working with Oracle and Custom Java projects.

In order to diversify our technologies and open up new markets, we started looking for new opportunities and new paths. We turned our attention to SAP Hybris, a promising trend, a powerful and demanded system that was used by many great enterprises.

We understood that many large-scale businesses required experienced Java engineers with expertise in the sphere. But there were not so many such professionals on the market. So, we made up our mind to start working on SAP Hybris. And that turned out to be a smart decision!

Over subsequent years, the Expert Soft team participated in the development of a great number of various large-scale projects on the SAP e-commerce platform. Our engineers integrated solutions on various versions of SAP Hybris and SAP Commerce Cloud. We have participated in more than 40 large projects.

Many clients we worked with found critical an ability to work in an international, diverse team. Because in many projects Expert Soft developers had to work side-by-side with the in-house developers of our clients and engineers of other IT vendors. The integration was seamless, and each time we showed our teamwork skills and great expertise in the sphere.

Speaking about the problems our customers were trying to get rid of and the solutions we implemented for them, we should mention the following issues:

  • an uninterruptedly working e-commerce solution for high-load projects of large enterprises
  • integration of e-commerce solutions with other SAP products, for example, SAP/4Hana into a unified business management system
  • use as a core for various e-commerce distributed solutions  (several stores, many language localizations on one core, etc.)
  • a large number of ready-made modules for e-commerce project integration and development
  • high safety solution on SAP Hybris
  • professional solutions for organizing work with personalized settings for a website, catalogue, shopping cart for a client, working with a cache, search, etc.

Some other solutions we implemented for our customers can be found in our cases of e-commerce projects for multi-brand retail companies.

Over the years of delivery and development of large projects in various fields, the company’s specialists have gained vast experience in the development of complex e-commerce solutions in numerous industries: retail, luxury goods, healthcare, telecom, etc. Serious expertise of Expert Soft in large and complex e-commerce projects is highly appreciated by our clients: large international multi-brand corporations, beauty sectors, a well-known manufacturer of luxury brands of clothing, footwear, accessories.

Just switching to the vendor who works on the SAP Hybris platform can sometimes be not enough for scaling up your business and solving e-commerce problems. One of the main problems is connected with poor expertise and a bad command of English. All these issues can become a real obstacle on the way to revenue increasing and business expanding, as well as the overall success of your company.

One of the main reasons Expert Soft has proven its expertise in using the SAP Hybris platform is that we put great emphasis on serious engineering training and strict selection of employees. In order not to be ungrounded, we should say a few words about a complex hiring process and a long training period our engineers should go through before working on real projects. First things first, our recruitment process consists of many stages, such as complex testing of technical knowledge and skills and a large task where the potential employees have to solve complicated engineering problems. The next stage is an interview with the company’s technical architects.

Taking into account that technical expertise is a key factor for work on any project, our customers always have an opportunity to check the expertise of our engineers by themselves. After such testing, they can be sure that our team is ready for the implementation of any cutting-edge solutions.

Considering that communication without any barriers plays a very important role in any complicated project, all our engineers have a good command of English. That allows them to work in different international teams. Before hiring an engineer, a communicative level of English is checked as well as compliance with the values ​​and culture of the company. Such a long and scrupulous process helps us be sure that we hire real professionals ready for constant development and contribution to the growth of our company.

Besides checking the competence of the employees, the company pays much attention to the further development of the engineers. From the very start of the career path, our employees undergo serious initial education and engineering training according to an individually designed program, under the close supervision of a dedicated mentor from the highest level of technical specialists in the company. We can’t but mention that young specialists undergo serious six-month training and gain development experience on internal projects before getting access to real commercial projects. All this allows us to achieve the high quality and professionalism of the company’s specialists from the very beginning of their career and professional path.

Summing this all up, careful selection of the candidates, their multi-layered testing, further education and development, has led to the establishment of a team of real professionals. Deep immersion in technology, excellent engineering training, focus on the high quality of the developed software, and customer-oriented service brought significant experience, knowledge, and understanding of the platform’s narrow nuances and solutions.

As a result of the successful implementation of cutting-edge solutions, Expert Soft has been chosen as a technical partner of the corporations our team worked with. The heads of IT departments of international multi-business corporations said about us:

– Expert Soft specialists are rock-stars among software developers!

– I’ll happily give a good reference to Expert Soft to anyone who considers moving to a new e‑commerce platform and want to find a reliable IT Delivery Partner.

We chose to work with Expert Soft for their expertise in e‑commerce projects and highly qualified engineers. Thanks guys, you do great job!

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