Microservices Architecture Development Services

At Expert Soft, we have years of experience utilizing microservices as one of the key components in delivering large-scale web projects. They enable us to modernize IT legacy systems and create independent, secure, and agile web solutions.

Our Microservices Development Services

At Expert Soft, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way, ensuring a successful and efficient transition to a microservices-oriented architecture.

Microservices Consulting
We provide comprehensive assistance in creating scalable and effective modern microservices, with our professional consulting team able to guide you throughout the entire process.
Microservices Migration
Our expertise lies in smoothly transitioning monolithic applications and outdated systems to a microservices-based framework, allowing companies to modernize their IT infrastructure.
Microservices and DevOps
Microservices are tailored to align seamlessly with DevOps standards and encourage small teams to work together effectively, resulting in a well-organized and efficient ecommerce web development solutions process.
Microservices Integration
Our team excels at integrating microservices, ensuring that they communicate effectively with each other and with external systems. We facilitate seamless data flow and functionality, allowing your microservices to work in harmony.
Microservices Testing
Testing requires specialized expertise, and our team are well-versed in this domain. We design and execute comprehensive testing strategies, ensuring each service functions optimally and their interactions within the system are thoroughly validated.
Microservices Support & Maintenance
Beyond deployment, we provide continuous ecommerce application support and maintenance services to guarantee the smooth running of your services. Our dedicated team monitors, troubleshoots, and updates the microservices, ensuring reliability and addressing any challenges promptly.
Microservices Assessment
Considering the importance of a solid foundation, we conduct a thorough assessment of your existing architecture and readiness for microservices adoption. This assessment allows us to offer tailored recommendations that align with your organization's specific needs and objectives.
Enterprise Microservices Adoption
Our expertise extends to helping large enterprises seamlessly implement microservices at scale. We assist in designing governance models, establishing best practices, and ensuring a smooth transition across various business units, maximizing the benefits of the architecture for your organization.

Our expertise benefits companies seeking scalability, security, agility, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. In particular, complex and legacy IT systems stand to gain the most from our tailored solutions.

Monolithic to Microservices Architecture Migration

Monolithic to Microservices Architecture Migration

  • Resilience and Reliability
  • Technological Flexibility
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Collaborative Efficiency
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Failure Isolation

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Microservices Architecture Development Tools

The tools we use for microservices architecture development collectively empower us to develop, deploy, and manage microservices-based applications effectively. They provide the foundation for scalability, resilience, and agility, ensuring your architecture operates seamlessly in today's dynamic business environment.

Microservices Deployment with Containers

We leverage containerization technology to encapsulate microservices and their dependencies into portable units. Containers ensure consistency between development and production environments, simplifying deployment and scaling processes.

Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

Docker allows us to create, package, and distribute containers efficiently. Kubernetes, on the other hand, provides orchestration and management for containerized microservices. Together, they enable automatic scaling, load balancing, and high availability for microservices-based applications.

API Gateway - A Platform to Microservices

Our API Gateway acts as a central entry point to your microservices architecture. It provides a unified API for clients and manages routing, authentication, load balancing, and caching. This platform simplifies microservices access, enhancing security and performance.

Microservices Messaging and Event Streaming

We employ messaging and event streaming systems to facilitate communication and data flow between microservices. These tools enable real-time event-driven architectures, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data exchange among services.

Benefits of Microservices and Microfrontends for Your Business

Improved Scalability
Business and Tech Agility
Enhanced Resilience vs Monolithic Architecture
Tech Flexibility
Improved Collaboration



Our software development company also works with microfrontends. Microfrontends are a concept where the user interface (UI) of a web application is divided into smaller, self-contained parts. By utilizing microfrontends, we can create flexible and modular web applications that are easier to maintain, enhance, and scale. This approach promotes team autonomy and faster development cycles, ensuring a seamless user experience and adaptability to changing business needs.


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