To enable a smooth omnichannel customer experience and business growth, we assist large international enterprises in implementing complex, large-scale software solutions on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform
Our services for e-Commerce SAP Commerce development
Building of e-stores for B2B & B2C clients
In order to fulfill the growing market needs, we provide SAP Commerce Cloud solutions that enable an omnichannel digital shopping experience through a single platform to B2B and B2C clients
SAP Commerce Cloud Platform integration
By quickly, easily, and affordably integrating next-generation technologies into existing local and cloud ERP enterprise systems, we speed up the digital transformation without having to make costly infrastructure investments
Version upgrade and migration
To help you grow your company, we provide Hybris consultation, tech and existing version code audits prior to migration or upgrade, migration plan definition, and any e-commerce platform-to-Hybris migration or rollback
Personalized add-ons
Even though the SAP suite is flawless, our clients still contact us for custom extensions in order to improve their customer journeys, get exceptional shopping experiences, and receive more value
Evaluation of code quality
Expert Soft provides a thorough evaluation of the condition of a client's e-commerce system to verify the code's quality, stability, and scalability before moving forward with development
Third-party integrations
With a comprehensive integration kit combining payment, tax, shipping, and other solutions in addition to our SAP Commerce Cloud-based web development services, Expert Soft enhances out-of-the-box e-commerce capabilities
Building omnichannel solutions with SAP Commerce Cloud will bring you closer to your customers
Expert Soft engineers are skilled at using SAP Commerce Cloud/SAP Hybris to both update already-existing projects and create brand-new ones.
Using scalable SAP Commerce Cloud technology, we assist businesses all over the world in implementing digital transformation and delivering a highly focused omnichannel customer experience. Our engineers implement omnichannel e-commerce solutions and enable businesses to avoid user journey disruption, integrate inventory data across all sale points, and offer customers a consistent, relevant, and customized omnichannel experience throughout all platforms and connections.
By using SAP Commerce Cloud, our customers can gain a 360-degree insight into the preferences and behavior of their clients, create custom products, and significantly increase their profits.
  • SAP Commerce development for B2B and B2C
  • Building SAP Commerce platforms for retail
  • Scalable SAP Commerce-based solutions for telecom
  • SAP Commerce healthcare solutions
Our Clients
Our Cases
Clients about Expert Soft
We were happily surprised to get the highest quality of work, meeting agreed deadlines, see the inborn attitude towards planning and reporting, and pleasant communication. It was Black and White with our previous vendors. I can highly recommend Expert Soft to be chosen as an IT partner. All the offshoring outsourcing experience we had was bad. We were tired of poor quality of work, lack of control and testing, broken deadlines, no plan, and no reports on the work done so we didn’t know what we were paying our money for. They all seemed so relaxed, unserious, and irresponsible while meeting deadlines. We constantly faced misunderstandings in communication because of our low English level and different mentalities. We were happily surprised to get the highest quality of work, meeting agreed deadlines, see the inborn attitude towards planning and reporting, and pleasant communication. It was Black and White with what we had before.
I can highly recommend Expert Soft to be chosen as an IT partner.
James Schwarz
Chief Information Officer
National Pen
I'm very satisfied and glad to work with the Expert Soft team. Your developers are rock stars of development!
Our spinoff and the company’s independence are in particular the result of your hard work. You and your team are also contributors to this transition & journey. Thanks for all the great partnership.
Sr. Manager
Global Healthcare Corporation

Your organization has done an excellent job for our company – you are one of the best, so I will definitely encourage the entire organization to grow this relationship.
The resources have really good skills. Your ability to deliver on a reliable basis is great. You’ve gotten excellent feedback here and I enjoy working with you.
Global Head of Architecture
Top 3 global financial data & analytics supplier
Really thanks to the team that always demonstrate passion and love in all the work they do in collaboration with us.
Head of Digital Lab
The World’s Largest International Health and Beauty Retail Corporation
Good level of communication and understanding of our needs. Skillsets and expertise. These all are about Expert Soft. I was really surprised by the level of Java, SAP Commerce developers, and strong QA Automation engineers. Great work, guys. Keep going!
Head of E-Commerce Operations
Leading Global Jewelry and Accessories Brand
Thanks for your competence, precision, and effort you all gave to the project.
Sr. IT Manager
The Top 10 Luxury Fashion House in the World
Our Technologies
SAP Hybris/SAP Commerce Cloud
With a full suite of effective and tried-and-true e-commerce tools at your disposal, SAP Commerce Cloud is made to help you grow your B2C and B2B e-commerce businesses.
As a highly adaptable and feature-rich e-commerce and retail platform, SAP Hybris/SAP Commerce Cloud is one of our company's specializations, and we have long appreciated its true value.
Programming core
Java is made for environments that need to be highly resilient and reliable. Numerous enterprise-level projects, B2B, B2C, and B2E projects that we completed for clients in the telecom, retail, fintech, healthcare and other industries are the foundation of our superior Java skills.
Microservices architecture makes it possible to drive resilience, scalability to our clients’ business applications. Each service is focused on performing a certain task and can be developed with a custom set of technologies. This provides agility for the software developers and your business itself. Scaling applications built on microservices is simpler. Compared to monolithic applications, developing and deploying individual services is frequently faster.
When developing enterprise e-commerce online apps, Spring offers a greater flexibility, performance, and development speed.
AngularJS is an open-source framework that addresses the difficulties associated with web development procedures and guarantees to provide spectacular expressions through its simplicity in merging HTML codes and application components.
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three primary languages used by our web developers to create websites. JavaScript is the programming language, HTML is used to structure the website, and CSS is used to style and layout the web page.
React is an open-source JavaScript library that is effective, declarative, and adaptable for creating simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. Businesses save a significant amount of time and money thanks to its flexibility.
Our Hybris Team
We support the corporate-wide drive for digital transformation and completely integrate sophisticated e-commerce solutions. With a long-term engagement, our SAP Hybris commerce developer competencies may support your product team and bring about a number of positive outcomes.
In order to assist you in accomplishing your business objectives, our SAP-certified Hybris developers write code that complies with business goals, quality standards, and secure web development requirements.
The brightest individuals strive daily to deliver the greatest service and satisfy our clients.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Andrei
    Andrei is a highly qualified software developer with 17+ years of experience that includes working with SAP Hybris, implemented systems, automotive data management, data migration, etc. During his career, Andrei has held the position of a technical team lead (9,5+ years). He has been successfully managing and mentoring technical development teams with a wide range of skill levels and technical specializations.
    Apart from that, Andrei has 4,5+ years of automotive data management experience, 5,5+ years of SAP Hybris 5.7-1905 development and support experience, 5+ years of implemented systems support experience.
    On numerous large-scale projects, Andrei has been working with large amounts of data (100M records), implementing large data imports and exports. Andrei has great expertise in data migration, data quality and risk analysis.
    Andrei has a strong UX understanding and experience in end-customer development and platform customization (Hybris, jCatalog, ATG), integration with external systems via REST, web services, SAP OCI.
    Andrei is highly experienced in Agile projects and SCRUM, cooperation with product owners, working in integrated teams, distributed teams and independently.
  • Egor
    Egor is a highly responsible and extremely hard-working senior Java/Hybris engineer with a great knowledge of English and 7+ years of experience in various kinds of tasks related to e-Commerce development. Lately Egor has been working long hours on successfully optimizing Hybris performance.
    Egor has a strong technical background due to his education and huge professional experience. The stack of technologies Egor has been working with includes Java/J2EE, Web Services, Groovy, Spring Framework, REST, JSP, HTML, JSON.
    Egor is highly proficient in Agile projects and SCRUM, and has a solid knowledge of MVC, singleton, factory, service, DTO, DAO/Repository design patterns and MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SAP HANA databases. Besides, Egor has hands-on experience working with lambda expressions, functional interfaces, and stream API.
    Due to his responsible approach to work, expertise, and attention to details, Egor is an indispensable part of every project and a person we and our customers can always rely on. His excellent communication skills and a good command of English helps Egor have a friendly atmosphere in the team and resolve all challenging issues.

  • Alex
    Alex is an extremely enthusiastic and result-oriented Java/Hybris engineer with 4,5+ years of experience in highload and complex projects, and deep knowledge of Spring, SAP Hybris and other tools and technologies.
    Alex has substantial expertise in providing Java, Spring, and Hybris training and mentoring of junior software engineers.
    Alex has been successfully influencing the development process, implementing new solutions in cooperation with the team, taking part in technical documentation writing, and optimising development processes.
    Alex received relevant technical education which helped him successfully start his career, and now he is a great and experienced software developer with solid understanding of all the stages of the software development process and one of the key professionals on the project who can always advise his colleagues on all the pressing issues.
    In spite of his great education and high expertise, Alex never stops learning and is always eager to study challenging technologies and practical tools.

  • Maksim
    Maksim is an exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable Hybris Lead and mentor with 10+ years of experience as a Hybris Developer and solid knowledge of Java, Web Development and Object Oriented Programming.
    Maksim is highly proficient in utilizing such technologies as J2EE, Servlets, JSP, SQL.
    The stack of technologies Maksim has been working with is outstandingly wide and includes open source frameworks: Spring, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JS; front-end technologies: JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery; databases: MSSQL, Oracle, and numerous other tools and technologies.
    Maksim has been successfully optimising and influencing development processes and implementing prosperous out-of-the-box solutions in cooperation with the team.
    Good knowledge of English and developed communication and interpersonal skills as well as his ability to work as a part of an integrated team as well as independently contribute to successful implementation of prosperous solutions for numerous large-scale corporations.

The Message from our CEO
  • Pavel Tsarikov
    CEO, Founder
    We’ve given our highest priority to SAP Hybris/SAP Commerce Cloud expertise because our customers are large-scale enterprises operating on the international market. For 8+ years, we’ve completed 20+ projects for companies in the retail, fintech, healthcare, telecom and other industries. If your business is searching for out-of-the box high quality solutions, then you’ve found the right place.
    Customers’ happiness is our prime concern. That’s why we choose an individual, custom solution for every single client, be that headless microservices or on-premises SAP Hybris. Get to know our team and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with our responsibility, dedication, expertise and friendliness. Welcome!
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