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Our Services


  • Beneficial rates
  • Rational use of client’s budget
  • On-time goal-based delivery


  • Dedicated team
  • Personal Project Manager
  • 24/7 support
  • Client-oriented culture


  • Quick turnaround
  • Lower development cost
  • Platform agnostic
  • Best Front End practice (React, Angular JS)

Custom Java, Upgrade

  • Custom ERP and CRM
  • Beneficial rates
  • Fast delivery
  • Customized platform to reflect your needs
  • Optimization of license costs

Quality Assurance

  • Functional testing
  • Performance and Stress testing
  • Security testing
  • Automated testing
  • Usability testing

Front End

  • HTML coding (html/css/js)
  • Front End development (AngularJS, React)
  • Server side script development (NodeJS)
  • UI/UX Design

Our Key Benefits


  • Extensive expertise in e‑commerce projects (10+ years)
  • Our experience engineers are highly qualified. All are certified
  • Modern process usage (Agile, Scrum, Kanban)


  • Flexible pricing
  • Our rates are almost 2 times lower than that of competitors
  • Good discounts


  • Ready to help 24/7
  • Responsible dedicated team with personal Project Manager
  • Willing to travel onsite


  • Perfect English skills
  • Friendly staff
  • Same culture and mentality




7 WHY’S most customers regularly change their vendors!

Harold Zylber
Delivery Manager,
IT Consulting
"We were tired of constant delays in implementing new features for the Client with previous Subcontractor. As a result the Client had constant broken terms of promotions, decrease in revenue and customers leaving for their competitors. After Expert Soft took on the support development for the Client who was about to leave, I have regular updates and quarterly plans and the Client is still with us.

Great Job, team!"

An excellent technical support recipe

  • Well-established Agile processes.
  • Highly-efficient professionals (PM, BA, Front- & Back-end devs, QA, UI designers).
  • Dedicated team for each client led by a personal Project Manager.
  • 24/7 communication in urgent cases.
  • Careful planning, requirements elicitation and realistic estimates (we can perform certain changes within 24 hours).
Andrew Smith
Best of Travel
"We requested the proposal for system redesign from previous Vendor to help our site be modern and “selling”, but got a huge estimate and offer to move to another platform.
We met Alex and Expert Soft team and they showed us an excellent solution for our problem – headless commerce. The costs were incomparably small and what is more important there was no need to move to another platform. Thanks to Expert Soft now we have modern, customer-oriented front-end on our current platform. And even more - if one day we decide to move to another platform we can easily take our front-end with us."

Smart audit, right solution and fair estimates!

  • Headless e‑commerce - a profitable, fast and effective redesign on the current platform.
  • Extensive expertise in e‑commerce technologies.
  • Highly qualified UX and UI designers and front-end engineers.
  • Development of a new front-end for your website unconstrained by your current platform.
  • Optimization of license costs.
  • Platform-agnostic front-end migration.
James Schwarz
National Pen
"All the offshoring outsourcing experience we had was bad. We were tired of poor quality of work, lack of control and testing, broken deadlines, no plan and no reports on the work done, so that we didn’t know what we were paying our money for. They all seemed so relaxed, unserious and irresponsible while meeting deadlines. Withal we constantly faced misunderstandings in communication cause of low English level and different mentalities. We were happily surprised to get the highest quality of work, meeting agreed deadlines, see the inborn attitude towards planning and reporting, and pleasant communication. It was Black and White with what we had before.
I can highly recommend Expert Soft to be chosen as IT partner."

High-quality and customer-oriented service

  • Highly professional, experienced engineers from Europe - a dedicated team for each of our clients.
  • Well-established business development processes (Agile and transparent plans for sprints, detailed reporting on the work produced).
  • Client-oriented company culture (our employees listen to and are ready to help each of our clients, even if these requests are after hours).
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language and a similar mentality (dedicated and responsible attitude to work).
Igor Abramovich
Oracle Gold Partner
"Our key Client – multinational sports good retailer (Brazil) – started getting ready for Black Friday 2016. They did some stress testing and saw there was a risk of Inaccessibility for customers due to heavy TV ad campaign. Client’s Marketing Department was afraid that annoyed customers would go to competitors. We decided to put Expert Soft in this project. Support team did well, the site resisted peak loads and showed 190k transactions a day.

The Client was happy – so were we. Thank you, team!"

Sustainable work of heavy-loaded sites

  • Extensive experience in launching and maintaining online stores under pressure.
  • Dedicated people for performance and load testing stream.
  • Proper analysis and precise site performance audit.
  • Close collaboration with marketing and infrastructure team.
  • Properly designed project architecture (developed by a solution architect with 10+ years of experience).
  • Professional, highly-skilled, experienced engineers apply right techniques and algorithms to maximize the CPU. Memory and other hardware usage.
  • Regular and specialized stress testing.
Adam Willmouth
Head of Global Sales
Oracle Gold Partner
"We convinced a Clients of our to transit to another platform in order to make their business closer-to-market and the site be modern – we short-listed ATG and Hybris. We wanted to find reliable and highly professional supplier who could help us, make in-depth analysis, take the client needs and requests into consideration, and handle to job of smooth transition to the new platform with minimum number of risks/bugs. After endless discussions and interviews with many offshoring companies we got a lot of offers with huge estimates and long terms of transition and implementation. We chose Expert Soft with adequate beneficial rates and the terms they suggested were much shorter. The level of their service and European quality is very high, time gap is less than we had with Asia. I'll happily give a good reference to Expert Soft to anyone who considers moving to a new e‑commerce platform and want to find reliable IT Delivery Partner."

High quality at the best price

  • Extensive expertise in creating large high-volume e‑commerce projects on various modern leading platforms: Hybris, ATG, OCC, Microservices.
  • Vast experience in high-quality custom Java development.
  • Quick redesign of the site (a new front-end without replacing the platform).
  • A smooth migration of the site to a new modern platform with various custom elements that don’t require license costs, at a very favorable price.
  • Many satisfied customers, including Gucci, OfficeDepot, and many more.
Peter Russell
Delivery Manager,
Entertainment project
"Every year the big part of our budget went for paying annual license costs. After we started to work with Expert Soft our costs were reduced up to 30%! How did they do that, you ask? Just replaced Endeca which usage was limited with open source solution that is free-of-charge! Expert Soft has a great certified Oracle Business team and has clear vision and experience how to advise the licensing model to their customers and get MAXIMUM efficiency out of licensing costs!"

Experts in wide range of e‑commerce technologies

  • Development of various customized solutions for online stores.
  • Replacement of costly proprietary tools with quality free-of-charge open source alternatives.
  • Support multiple platforms: Oracle Commerce (ATG), SAP Hybris Commerce, etc.
  • Reduce license costs.
Miguel Cano
Director of e‑commerce Delivery,
Large European Consultancy
"We trust Expert Soft and our engineers working closely with Expert Soft team. This year numerous clients requested them to be GDPR ready and Expert Soft team has proven experience updating the eStore. Afraid of a fine of 20 million euros for non-compliance with the law on the protection of personal data (GPDR)?  Let Expert Soft take care of your website as all personal data protection processes are established according to GDPR law."

A partner we trust 100%

  • Expert Soft do not collect or utilize personal data of visitors to your site in the development process, which further reduces the risk of data leakage!
  • Built-in protection from different kinds of vulnerabilities in web scripts (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI, XPath inj), vulnerabilities in the incorrect settings of the web application environment (web server, application server, SSL/TLS, framework, third-party components, the presence of DEBUG-mode), vulnerabilities in the operation phase of the website (obsolete software, simple passwords, storage of archival copies on the web server in general access, the availability of service modules in common access).
  • Implementation of well-established business processes for data protection.
  • Precise instructions in work with Personal Data for our engineers with personal responsibility and system of penalties.
  • Dedicated Personal Data Protection Officer.

Our Successful Projects

World’s Top-250 APPAREL STORE


to deliver an intuitive, easy to use, rich, modern UX without moving to another platform (current platform is SAP Hybris)


  • Headless/Hybrid Commerce architecture on the top of any e‑commerce platform
  • Lower development costs
  • Improved UX/UI with better Analytics, A/B testing and Targeting capabilities
  • Balanced server load
  • Reduced License costs (less Hybris instances)
  • Faster turnaround for Front-End & Flow Changes
  • Application upgrades, performance fixes
    and the addition of new features take less time and resources
  • Reduced Dependencies on Individual Technologies
Thanks for your competence, precision and effort you all gave to the project.


Top-500, direct selling specialty company with over 1,000,000 active customers. Client’s niche is selling highly decorated office supply products in low minimum quantities at very competitive prices. Client strives to be the worldwide leader in providing high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory direct pricing.


to optimize their ATG platform and enable the platform to support the latest SEO strategies, including readiness for Google HTTPS upgrades


  • Re-architected ATG solution for optimal performance and maintainability
  • Fixed a number of critical scalability issues and major software bugs
  • Implemented full SEO framework within ATG
    and optimized HTML templates to allow authoring of key SEO elements
  • Increased the number of sessions and optimized the number of server entities
  • Heavily refactored the code after previous offshore team
  • Made the site HTTP-Secured
  • Implemented regular automated smoke and load testing processes
The level of service and quality, help and client-orientation is so high that it's Black&White in comparison with all our previous vendors
James Schwarz
National Pen


An online retailer of the largest world’s collection of sheet music. Founded in 1997, the company offers musicians a full spectrum of sheet music, with fast delivery and trained musicians offering customer service. They sell music from more than 1,000 publishers, including all major European publishers.


to improve “site search capabilities” with nearly 2 million SKUs on Client’s site and  to add new and innovative features to their e‑commerce site


  • Customized the current platform ATG
  • Enabled custom Partial Indexing functionality for OOTB Endeca Search
  • Improved controls to make real-time content changes to the site, without IT involvement
  • Improved performance and scalability of commerce platform and quality of shopping experience
We chose to work with Expert Soft for their expertise in e‑commerce projects and highly qualified engineers. Thanks guys, you do great job!
Ashima Sehgal
Senior Dev Leader,
Sheet Music Plus project

How we take on the project

  • Week 1
    Negotiation and signing all necessary documents (NDA, SA, SOW)
  • Week 2-3
    PM and BA: start working with Client’s Lead. Tasks Planning Dev Lead: Setting up the development environment and transferring knowledge of the process, code review assessment
  • Week 4-6
    0,5 BA/0,5 PM + 1-2 Developers – Pilot Sprint: Deliver initial batch of change requests to better know the application
  • Week 7-10
    Full dedicated team starts to work (PM, BA, 1 Lead/Senior, 2 Mid, 2 Junior+ QA) - Deep dive into a project. Agile Sprints, Sync up meeting 2-3 time a week, PM available 24/7 in urgent cases, constant stable support

Our Team

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VP, Director of
e-commerce Development
VP, Director of
e-commerce Development
Colleagues, I invite you to be friends on LinkedIn! I’m happy to share with you information about our high-quality Services and also fresh news from Java, Hybris and ATG/OCC world. If now you are not looking for a new IT vendor, I suggest staying in touch to maintain professional relationships.
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