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At Expert Soft, we specialize in providing custom front-end development services using Angular to large-scale global enterprises in the USA, UK, and EU. Our team of 160+ experienced developers are well-equipped to handle Angular web projects of large size and complexity.

Our Custom Angular Development Services

At Expert Soft, we offer a comprehensive suite of Angular web development services tailored to address the unique needs of our clients

Custom Angular Development
We provide custom Angular front-end development services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We use a collaborative approach that involves regular communication with clients to ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations.
Angular Migration Services
We use a well-defined migration process that involves a thorough assessment of the existing web solution, identifying the components that need to be migrated, and creating a migration plan that minimizes disruption to the business.
Angular Maintenance and Support
We provide ongoing maintenance and ecommerce application support for Angular development services to ensure that our clients' web projects are always up-to-date and running smoothly.
Angular Consulting Services
We provide consulting services to help clients make informed decisions about their Angular development projects. Our experts have extensive experience in Angular development and can provide valuable insights and recommendations.
API Development and Integration
We excel in creating robust APIs and seamlessly integrating them into your Angular applications, enabling efficient data exchange and enhancing functionality.
Custom UI/UX Using Angular
Our expertise extends to creating stunning custom user interfaces and user experiences using Angular, ensuring that your solutions are not just functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.
Front-End Development
Our proficiency in front-end development spans beyond Angular, encompassing a wide range of technologies and frameworks to deliver high-quality user interfaces and experiences.
E-Commerce Development
We have a track record of building powerful and scalable ecommerce development solutions using Angular, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace.

At our Angular development company, we are committed to delivering excellence in Angular web development, whether it’s building custom solutions, ensuring smooth migrations, providing ongoing support, or offering valuable consulting services. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your digital goals.

Why Choose Angular

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, choosing the right framework can be a game-changer. Angular, for several compelling reasons, emerges as the frontrunner.

Superior Performance
Modular and Flexible Web Projects
Cross-Platform Web Solutions
Seamless User Experience
Cost-Effective Web Development
Web Project Scalability

Are you ready to take your web projects to the next level?

At Expert Soft, we specialize in delivering advanced Angular web development services. Whether you need a custom web solution, a Progressive Web App, or assistance with Angular migration, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your digital presence.

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Our Technologies

Our team thrives on the latest advancements in web development, using a carefully curated selection of tools and frameworks to craft exceptional solutions. These technologies, from Angular for dynamic interfaces to MEAN stack's efficiency, form the bedrock of our capabilities.


We use the latest version of Angular to create dynamic and responsive web solutions with robust user interfaces.


We have expertise in AngularJS to maintain and support legacy systems or provide migration services to clients with existing AngularJS applications.

MEAN Stack

We leverage the MEAN stack, which combines Angular with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js, to create efficient and streamlined web solutions.

HTML5 and CSS3

We use HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive web pages and design intuitive user interfaces.


We use Bootstrap to create responsive web designs that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.


We use TypeScript to develop interactive and dynamic web projects.


We leverage REST APIs to enable seamless communication between different components of a web project.

Agile Development

We use Agile development methodology to ensure our clients receive high-quality custom Angular development services that meet their business requirements.

Angular Development Process In Steps

Embarking on an Angular development journey involves a meticulous process which ensures the creation of robust and user-friendly web applications.

Requirement Gathering
Wireframing and Designing
Coding and Development

Our Advanced Angular Solutions

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of Angular software development ensures that your projects benefit from the latest features and best practices. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and user-centric design, our advanced Angular solutions empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

Custom Web Application Development
We craft bespoke web solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our custom solutions are designed to meet your specific objectives, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimal functionality.
Single Page Application Development
Harness the power of Angular to create dynamic and responsive single-page applications (SPAs). SPAs provide a smooth and engaging user experience by loading content dynamically, reducing page reloads, and improving performance.
Angular Solutions for Enterprise
Our Angular solutions are scalable and robust, making them ideal for enterprise-level applications. We understand the complex needs of large organizations and deliver solutions that align with your business goals.
Progressive Web Apps Development
We excel in building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using Angular. PWAs combine the best of web and mobile apps, delivering fast loading times, offline functionality, and an immersive user experience across devices.
Custom UI/UX Development
User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are paramount in web development. Our expertise in custom UI/UX design ensures your applications are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.
Dynamic Web Apps Development
Angular's dynamic capabilities enable us to create interactive and feature-rich web applications. Whether you need real-time updates, advanced animations, or complex user interactions, we have you covered.
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Looking for high-quality Angular web development services?

Partner with Expert Soft to harness the power of advanced Angular solutions and stay ahead of the competition. For 10+ years, we’ve been providing advanced front-end services using Angular for Fortune 500 companies. Elevate your digital presence and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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