Annoyed by unfriendly and irresponsible client support from your SAP Hybris Commerce vendor side?

What are the consequences for the project that could occur because differences between the Client and the Vendor, which is cheap, but has huge cultural misfit, lacking responsibility, and opposite human/business values?

In some cases, onboarding low-cost vendors can be very appealing for the project budget. But this is so only at first glance. There is always a dark side of low rates - lacking professionalism and irresponsibility. As a result, you have a poor code quality, a huge amount of bugs and issues which increase the duration of the development process and require lots of efforts for fixes, inefficient architecture leads to bad performance and eternal slows down of the site. All these ultimately lead to an increase in the budget, loss of the project quality, a drop in revenue and the transition of clients to your competitors.

Customer survey highlighted the most painful points in the relationship between customers and vendors/suppliers:

  1. Irresponsible approach. Unscrupulous vendors always promise to perform the task within the established deadlines or the agreed budget but don’t do it. And at the same time, they do not warn about this in advance, do not explain the reasons and simply evade the answer.
  2. Ignoring customer requests. Sometimes, the client asks to attract additional resources to make a new feature on time or to work on the project some extra hours, but the vendor/supplier simply ignores these requests.
  3. Bad English. Usually, offshore vendor/supplier employees do not speak English well. This is a reason why it is complicated for the client’s team to interact with the vendor’s team, the time of communication increases, the misunderstanding occurs that leads to defects and problems of the project quality and missed deadlines.
  4. Differences in culture and values between client and vendor employees. “Yes” can have a different meaning in different cultures. If you tell your bricklayer with a different mentality, “we need to have this wall built by the end of the month” and your bricklayer replies “yes”. It does not mean “yes the wall will be built by the end of the month”. It might simply mean “yes I hear what you just said “. Some people have a hard time saying “no”. Couple that with our different “sense of time” and you have a cultural gap that can lead to many missed deadlines.

Client-centric approach, professionalism, responsibility and good soft skills - the key to successful cooperation. Based on our experience and customer survey, the cooperation could be successful only if the vendor’s/supplier’s business culture is fully consistent with the client’s corporate culture and mentality. This confirms one of our important clients:

Why goes different with Expert Soft?

•  Expert Soft - boutique highly specialized e-commerce software delivery company (SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud (a part of C4HANA Suite), Oracle Commerce (ATG), Oracle Commerce Cloud) and open Java stack;

•  10+ years of experience in working with global electronic commercial projects of clients such as GE, A.S. Watson, Deutsche Post, National Pen, ...

•  Quick implementation of changes to e-commerce projects (we can perform certain changes even within 24hrs);

•  Dedicated professional team (BA, certified top front- & back-end devs, QA, UI designer) led by dedicated experienced PMs;

•  Constant friendly communication with the client's employees and team, ensuring rapid and qualitative introduction of changes to the site;

•  Modern, effective and well-functioning project management processes (Agile, Scrum, Kanban). 

Contact me to find out how we help our clients to solve all their project problems and needs quickly and efficiently.

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Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
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