How can your SAP Hybris Commerce vendor ruin your business?

We’ve been running the survey with many customers over the last 5 years who used managed services to develop their SAP Hybris Commerce application. They confirmed and ensured us in the following: one of the key reasons to change the vendor/supplier is the constant break/delay of terms for the release of new features or projects. We know how crucial precise timing for the business profit is.

For example, even one broken deadline for the new feature for the website (e.g. before Black Friday or Christmas season Sale) leads to a significant decrease in sales, loss of revenue and profit. And you even lose your customers which is even worse... They will just go to the competitor, and you also get a loss of reputation and negative reviews.

What could be worse?

When bugs are not fixed on time, the release dates are broken and on Day X, your site just stops working or starts going terribly slow or even falls down by the traffic. You are losing revenue, customers, and reputation. This happens when your vendor has unprofessional and inexperienced employees, processes are not configured, there is no dedicated professional team managed by your personal experienced PM, and constant and clear communication between the vendor and client teams is not configured.

Clients often approach us with requests to fix all these bugs and problems after the previous vendor. 

Our case with National Pen, inc.: Expert Soft team took on the project from the previous vendor supported them over the 2 years. Our engineers had to implement/fix over 100 bugs and User Stories from the backlog which were planned and requested to be completed 1-2 years before. But were not - guess why?

Or another сase with Lorex Technology happened the same year as National Pen. The project was in “red zone” and the coming Black Friday features were questionable: the backlog contained 70 features and improvements to deliver within 3 months before the code-freeze deadline. The challenge was accepted! In 2.5 months, the team reported the project is complete (with 2 weeks advance). That would only be possible with the condition of having top-quality engineers and experienced Expert Soft PM running the Development team. 

Why goes different with Expert Soft?

•  Expert Soft - boutique highly specialized e-commerce software delivery company (SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud (a part of C4HANA Suite), Oracle Commerce (ATG), Oracle Commerce Cloud) and open Java stack;

•  10+ years of experience in working with global electronic commercial projects of clients such as GE, A.S. Watson, Deutsche Post, National Pen, ...

•  Quick implementation of changes to e-commerce projects (we can perform certain changes even within 24hrs);

•  Dedicated professional team (BA, certified top front- & back-end devs, QA, UI designer) led by dedicated experienced PMs;

•  Constant friendly communication with the client's employees and team, ensuring rapid and qualitative introduction of changes to the site;

•  Modern, effective and well-functioning project management processes (Agile, Scrum, Kanban). 

Contact me to find out how we help our clients to solve all their project problems and needs quickly and efficiently.

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Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
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