Irritated by wasting huge budgets with no result because of the unfair SAP Hybris Commerce vendor?

Where does your budget disappear?

We often hear from clients about the importance of budget cuts and budget optimizations for supporting and developing e-commerce projects and their dissatisfaction with current vendors/suppliers due to unreasonable and uncontrolled budget increases. The main reason for such a situation is the expensive, unbalanced (by qualifications and/or cost) and inefficiently working teams, as well as the lack of transparent, detailed and regular clear reports for the work performed. Because of all that, the budget for IT-services is growing uncontrollably, and the real results are far away from planned and expected.

Our extensive experience with TOP 10 SAP Hybris world clients helped us to develop flexible pricing (profitable rates, excellent discounts based on the volume of work and contract durations, etc.) and high-quality approach to building effective teams that are balanced in cost and qualification, which solve the project needs of our Clients.

Case 1: The Client chose the US-based vendor and it vanished 70% of the year delivery budget within 3 months, but the planned scope hasn’t been delivered. The Client asked Expert Soft for the help and our team has been quickly onboarded. Efficient and balanced by cost and qualifications squad contained 50% allocated PM, Full-time technical Lead, 2 Middle and 2 Regular Full-time engineers, as well as 1 Senior QA, who was able to build the right QA strategy and process. The team was able to significantly cut the backlog and do high-quality delivery in the scope of the remaining budget because of their professional competence and huge experience.

Case 2: We appreciate the trust we get from our Clients, that is why our rates got attached to the contract duration. In 2019 we agreed with our Client for strategic partnership and signed a 3-year-long agreement. Goes without saying their rates are more beneficial from what they would get with a short-term agreement, e.g. 3 months. Great deal for both parties! If you are happy with current vendor/supplier quality, why not get benefits out this commitment: the longer contract you sign - the bigger benefits you get and your budget is safe.

Case 3: “I need only 5 Senior engineers in the team!” - this is how the quote from one of General Electric e-commerce departments started. “Sure, let our architects and technical leads review your project backlog and provide a plan” - was the answer. The proper task breakdown analysis popped up a huge amount of routine tasks of Major-Medium complexity, so the team we offered to them contained: 2 Senior, 1 Middle and 2 Regular Full-time engineers. Profit for the budget! Choose qualifications you purchase based on real tasks - not on assumptions or high-level backlog overview.

The efficiency and budget of the project directly depend on the level of a developer 's qualification, in-depth knowledge, and experience, rates, as well as high-quality and clear planning and management.

Thanks to our vast experience in planning of the teamwork and interacting with the client, we offer the most effective balanced team in which:

  1. Our rates for professional European developers are much lower than similar quality onshore service in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the USA. It is widespread feedback from our clients based on technical interviews and collaborative work.
  2. We have a wide range of qualifications to solve the corresponding problems with the most effective price/quality ratio. E.g. it is often expensive and inefficient to spend the time of a costly Senior specialist on simple and primitive tasks which could be easily handled by junior-colleague. Vice versa, it will be absolutely ineffective if advanced Senior-level tasks would be done by junior developers - both deadlines and quality will be lacking this case.
  3. If the specialist is needed part-time, he can be allocated for the project only for a part of the time per day, and not for an ineffective full-time position if there is not enough workload (for example, 4 hours a day - PM, BA or QA specialist)

We provide detailed weekly reports on the work done by each specialist for maximum transparency and client convenience (so that the client clearly understands what he pays for), detailed joint planning of streams, ongoing information flow for the client about what is going on in the project. A lot of vendors/suppliers do not want to provide detailed and transparent reports on the money spent and work performed for each employee so that the client could not see their inefficiency.

Why goes different with Expert Soft?

•  Expert Soft - boutique highly specialized e-commerce software delivery company (SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud (a part of C4HANA Suite), Oracle Commerce (ATG), Oracle Commerce Cloud) and open Java stack;

•  10+ years of experience in working with global electronic commercial projects of clients such as GE, A.S. Watson, Deutsche Post, National Pen, ...

•  Quick implementation of changes to e-commerce projects (we can perform certain changes even within 24hrs);

•  Dedicated professional team (BA, certified top front- & back-end devs, QA, UI designer) led by dedicated experienced PMs;

•  Constant friendly communication with the client's employees and team, ensuring the rapid and qualitative introduction of changes to the site;

•  Modern, effective and well-functioning project management processes (Agile, Scrum, Kanban). 

Contact me to find out how we help our clients to solve all their project problems and needs quickly and efficiently.

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Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
Alex Bolshakova
Director of e‑commerce
Delivery Practice
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